About Us

        Hi, my name is Jessica Moore and I am the owner of Farmlands Market. My family is the only reason this store is happening. My dad, Dan, is the one who did all of the work to the space and the one I call when something needs fixed. My mom, Laurie, is the one who does all of the behind the scenes work as far as payroll and research for pretty much anything I need. I was given an amazing opportunity to find a space and make the changes I thought it needed. As well as sell what I want. This gives me the chance to listen to my customers and get the products they want. I have lived in Creswell my whole life and this is probably the best opportunity I have ever had to give back to my community. My family also organizes the 4th of July parade in Creswell, and we have done that longer than I have been alive but it’s something I love to do with my family. I find this store just another family project that might take us some time to get figured out, but I know we can do it.